No Stress Zone

Body and Skin Boutique

Don’t wait until the end of your Southwest Harbor vacation to feel relaxed and energized. Start it off that way with a visit to Bella Skin and Body Boutique. Enjoy this invigorating massage and discover what else Bella’s caring professionals can do for you.

Bella Skin and Body Boutique offers rejuvenating scrubs, calming wraps, age-defying massage, clinical skin care, and rejuvenating nail and hair treatments. Their products are pure and good for you, so you can feel as beautiful as you look.

They offer total wellness and beauty care, from hair styling and coloring, to facials, body treatments, alternative health and healing, and Acupuncture and Ayurvedic sessions.

A visit to Bella Skin and Body Boutique in nearby Northeast Harbor can enhance not just your appearance, but also improve your lifestyle and continued well being.