Whale Watching

Experience the majesty of these amazing creatures

Have you ever experienced the thrill of Whale Watching, where you view whales jump or breach and splash down into the north Atlantic waters as they play? Acadia National Park, the Mt. Desert Island region, and the waters of Frenchman’s Bay will offer you the perfect opportunity.

There are 130-foot jet-propelled catamarans operated by the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company that will speed you to the exact locations for best sighting. All you have to do is relax, have your camera ready and enjoy the show. The whale season runs from mid-spring thru the end of October. Common in the waters during that period are the Right whale, Northern Humpback, Minke whale and Northern Fin. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Puffins and seals as well, as they both abound in the gulf of Maine.

Did you know that the gulf of Maine encompasses an area of 69,115 miles², including all of Maine, 70% of New Hampshire, 56% of New Brunswick Canada, 41% of Massachusetts, and 36% of Nova Scotia? The watershed also includes a small southern portion of the Canadian province of Quebec. What a playground for these magnificent animals. Come on up and experience the majesty of these amazing creatures.